Dating for one and half years

I needed to break the cycle before it broke me for good.

By focusing on my single self over the past few years, I've identified and satisfied the needs that had sent me scrambling for lovers over and over.

So flood yourself with conscious encouragement from morning to night. Each morning, write down what you need to do to be the best version of you.

After your affirmations, reflect on what you can accomplish to excel in your profession, your hobbies, and your personal development.

After breaking up with my last live-in girlfriend, I hit rock bottom: depression, despair, and desolation.

Whatever it is that you need or want to be, affirm that before you roll out of bed.

SO we decided to help everyone out by compiling a list of date and gift ideas for EVERY anniversary milestone.

Traditional anniversary gifts by year are SO fun because they really help you feel like you and your sweetie accomplished something amazing together! Then whenever your anniversary comes around, you will have LOTS of ideas for wedding anniversary gifts by year right at your fingertips.

After all, celebrating the big milestones in your marriage, like anniversaries, is what helps keep the love alive!

So we’re giving you ideas for wedding anniversary gifts by year for each milestone year of your marriage!

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