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The rapid growth and prosperity of the Bull Durham Tobacco Company, and Washington Duke's W.

Duke & Sons Tobacco Company, resulted in the rapid growth of the city of Durham.

The wood-burning steam locomotives of the time had to stop frequently for wood and water and the new North Carolina Railroad needed a depot between the settled towns of Raleigh and Hillsborough.

The residents of what is now downtown Durham thought their businesses catering to livestock drivers had a better future than a new-fangled nonsense like a railroad and refused to sell or lease land for a depot.

Eventually a railway depot was established on land donated by Bartlett S. Durham Station, as it was known for its first 20 years, was just another depot for the occasional passenger or express package until early April 1865 when the Federal Army commanded by Major General William T.

Sherman occupied the nearby state capital of Raleigh during the American Civil War.

Fortunately for Durham, its future had nothing to do with 19th-century politics.Green, creating Durham County from the eastern portion of Orange County and the western portion of Wake County.In 1911, parts of Cedar Fork Township of Wake County was transferred to Durham County and became Carr Township.Early settlers built gristmills, such as West Point, and worked the land.Prior to the American Revolution, frontiersmen in what is now Durham were involved in the Regulator movement.

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