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The country’s natural landscape—its Arctic environment and vast coasts—has shaped Norway’s customs and history, as outdoor activities are central to the life of most Norwegians.In particular, the country’s cuisine reflects its environment.Several thousand new titles appear annually, of which some three-fifths are of Norwegian origin.Literature is subsidized through a variety of means, including tax exemption, grants to writers, and government purchasing for libraries.Yet it was not until the 19th century, following Norway’s separation from Denmark, that Norwegian literature firmly established its identity.Especially important were the poetry of Henrik Wergeland and the plays of Ibsen, whose realistic dramas introduced a new, politically charged moral analysis to European theatre.Other artists are world-renowned for their multimedia assemblages, pictorial weaving, and nonfigurative art in sculpture as well as painting.

Private houses, almost all of wood, are made to fit snugly into the terrain.The works of novelists Hamsun and Undset remain influential, though modern Norwegians are more likely to read contemporaries such as Bjørg Vik, Kim Småge, and Tor Åge Bringsværd, who write fantasy, existential detective novels, and philosophical treatises, respectively.Although Norway comprises one of the world’s smaller language communities, the country is among the leaders in books published per capita.The production of Norwegian-made feature films is subsidized, but they usually number about 10 each year.Many of those films are derived from Norwegian literature, including an adaptation of Undset’s novel )—most of the dialogue of which is in the Sami language—was nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign language film in 1988.

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