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Tinder, however, has a sizable enough user base – an estimated 50 million users – to make such a feature really take off.

(Well, unless Tinder’s users shut down their accounts and delete the app because they don’t want their Tinder usage and dating profile revealed, I suppose!

With a commitment to connecting singles worldwide, we bring Africa to you.(That’s not a huge leap, after all – there’s already a “Tinder for threesomes” called 3nder out there.) The good news is that Tinder is still experimenting with this new feature for now, and is only testing it with a small group of users in Australia.So you’re probably safe from being exposed for the time being.) The solution for the Tinder Social problem is easy enough to fix, though. The feature is currently opt-out instead of opt-in – that is, you can disable it from the app’s Settings screen.Clearly, Tinder needs to make a change to how this is enabled or risk alienating a portion of its user base before it rolls this out more broadly.

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