Dating an israeli girl

Eighteen percent of women have sex once or twice a month and 4% abstain completely.A third of the Israeli women said they have had sex with two to five partners in their lives.

The survey found 71% of the surveyed women shared their desires in bed with their partner and directed them.

Women are liberal when it comes to practicing safe sex.

Almost 32% of the surveyed women said they used a condom in accordance with the impression their partner makes.

The annual survey by Yediot Aharonot's weekly women's magazine revealed that the Israeli woman is liberal and daring (71.6%), knows what she wants in bed and says it (71%), enjoys her body and does not hide it under the blankets (87%).

The survey was conducted and analyzed by polling company Geocartography Knowledge Group and surveyed 14,840 Israeli women aged 18 and older.

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