Dating ads with social dating script

In order to maintain the professionalism and integrity of the site, new campaigns (and changes to existing campaigns) will not run live until approved through our ad review process, to make sure it meets our Advertising Policies.

We strive to review ads as soon as possible and usually within 24 hours.

Do not show Linked In one version of your website (e.g.These Advertising Guidelines will help you to determine whether your Ad is appropriate for Linked In.Any Ad that violates any of the guidelines below may be removed from Linked In and in some cases further action may be taken.You can edit your ad to comply with our guidelines.Acceptable Ads advertise legal products and services that are suitable for professionals and aspiring professionals without deceiving, or endangering the safety of, our members while meeting our technical requirements. Your Ads should not be fraudulent, deceptive or include misleading titles, statements or illustrations.

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    These 5 figures are all from the ‘Antler and Bone Technology’ chapter. 150 of my artefact illustrations in the book covering antler, bone, wood and shale artefacts.