Dating a recovered heroin addict vic zhou dating

Some people in recovery use their addiction as a trump card to get what they want. However, if you feel that your significant other’s drug addict personality traits put him or her in danger of relapse, Sober College can help.It’s important to keep them from using this to their advantage so that they don’t rely on it. Our unique facility in California offers quality aftercare and sober living programs to help someone close to you.When Alex was in the process of attempting to quit, it became difficult to detach myself from the turmoil he’d ooze every evening.Like clockwork, every night around nine, he’d get this vacant look in his eyes and begin to pace around.It was like a dark cloud had come over him and I wasn’t even there anymore. The love I had for him and the idea of us kept me in that relationship for several months after the revelation about his addiction, and I eventually realized why Alex had admitted his meth use to me.He thought he could rely on me to be the “strong one” in the relationship, since I was sober, but in actuality, I was just as fragile as he was.

While co-dependency is common, people in active recovery shouldn’t give all of their focus to other people.Whether you fear relapse or you’ve already witnessed signs of drug use, we can help him or her get back on the right track.Along with aftercare and other addiction treatment programs, we also offer young adults the opportunity to earn transferable college credits.During the first year, they need to focus on themselves rather than their relationships.Knowing recovering drug addict personality traits is important for those already in relationships as well.

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