Dating a purple heart

On display are a collection of military medals – including the New York State Medal and the WWI Victory Medal – both successors to the Badge of Military Merit.

Adams recalled when a fellow soldier lit a cigarette while his company marched through the Belgium forest near the end of the war. “Next thing I knew, mortars and artillery were dropping all around us,” he said. “He was taken to a hospital with frostbite,” said Hall of Honor Program Director Peter Bedrossian, telling the story of U. Navy Third Class hospital corpsman Edward Toppel, who served in the Korean War.

(Photo by Robert Shields) “My sense is that there was nothing that was going to stop you from being here at this ceremony,” Johnson said.

The general highlighted the fact the family belongs to the Waccamaw Siouan Tribe, known as the “People of the Falling Star.” The tribe has a rich history dating back to 1712.

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, sharing stories of military servicemen and women killed or injured in conflicts dating back to the Revolutionary War.

The state-run museum is a treasure trove of military history, offering film, photographs, interactive displays, exhibits, and a wealth of war memorabilia.

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