Dating a mountain biker

From becoming a 'shuttle bitch' to playing second fiddle to bike racks and maintenance, this guy feels the full force of what it can be like to date a mountain-mad biker. Rémy Métailler Shows The Best Way To Close Out The MTB Season...

In addition to writing about mountain biking and adventure, we also operate award-winning* mountain bike adventures all over the world (actually that's our main thing).

Check 'em out: SINGLETRACK RIDES: for passionate mountain bikers and adventurers WOMEN'S RIDES: no dudes allowed!

EXPLORER RIDES: for beginner mountain bikers BRING-YOUR-PARTNER RIDES: for passionate mountain bikers with partners who don't ride *No.

You know them too well, and they know that While some may consider the fact that you know your SO extermely well to be a positive aspect, in some instances that very aspect of your relationship may work against you. Yet you take them on a ride that has exposure, even if minimal. Even if 90% of that knowledge is obtained through ESP. Egos can destroy the best of intentions This may apply more to women introducing their men to mountain biking… Egos can take people outside of their boundaries, pushing them to climb hills faster than they ought to in order to not be dropped.

Did you try to meld both worlds only to have them implode?And I’m not just referring to guys attempting to get their girlfriends (or wives) hooked on the sport, I’m referring to ALL relationships.That includes seasoned women mountain bikers taking their men out on the trails, too.After a week cooped up in the office, your partner will be out of the house at dawn, leaving you to enjoy your weekend at a more casual pace. Because Saturday’s are, depending on who’s sitting across from you, ferda boys or ferda girls.“Just a short ride” should have them back at, or around sundown.

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