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But honestly, the course policies have been clear since Day One, and if you are still in my class after the drop/add period, that syllabus is our contract: It delineates what you can expect of me and certainly what I expect of you. Please know you are all in my thoughts in this difficult time.

I only consider make-up work when illness or family crisis is documented via official letter from the Dean of Students office. I understand the importance of family in times of grief, and I hope you can be a source of support for your parents in what is one of the most difficult life transitions we all must face as we get older.

Upon receipt of the required documentation, I will make an appropriate arrangement concerning the midterm for you. I would very much like to send your [Mom or Dad] a card and a short note to let them know they are in my thoughts and to single you out for praise in being so proactive and forthright in speaking to me.

Grannies of students who weren’t doing well in their classes were at even higher risk of meeting their maker: Students who were failing a class were 50 times as likely as others to lose a grandmother.

Some professors say they tend to assume the excuses are callow sympathy scams, and they don’t want to feel like a student is pulling a fast one on them.

Of course, she could also just be walking along a street, minding her own business, and out of nowhere a city bus jumps a curb and runs her and her dog, Laura, over. In the meantime, let Granny live to die another day. Now, to answer your question, although I prefer to avoid hypotheticals (I do not even want to think about loss of life): Should “life happen” where you cannot take the midterm, all you need to do is talk to me.

You can email me, call, tweet, send a telegram, or reach out in whatever way works for you.

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