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Anna Richardson is a British TV presenter, producer, writer, journalist and is the host of Naked Attraction.She was born in Wellington, England, on 27 September 1970, and began her TV career on The Big Breakfast.Aside from his confident airs, Daring has shown to be a sensitive guy at times, prone to emotional outbursts in times of great stress.His profile information says that he's easily upset, though seeing something beautiful can calm him down (such as his own reflection).SINGLETONS looking for love are happy to strip off on TV's most extreme dating show - Channel 4's Naked Attraction.Here's all the information on the controversial yet fascinating show and its popular host Anna Richardson...In "Epic Winter", he wears his 'Signature - Royals' letter jacket with a fur-lined collar, but it is under the doll line, "Epic Winter", not "Signature" or "Signature - Royals". His clothing mostly consists of letterman (sports) jackets or in other words "letter jackets", and gold crowns for his head.

Potential dates stand naked in cubicles with a raising door which first shows them from the waist down, then the neck down, and finally the door rises completely to reveal the face – with potential dates whittled down to two with undesirable matches being asked to leave each time the door raises.He plays for the Ever After High's bookball team and seems to be quite skilled at the sport.Though Daring doesn't have a destiny in particular, he was believed to be the Prince Charming in Snow White's tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but in "Epic Winter" it is found out that he is meant to be the beast in Rosabella's tale of Beauty and the Beast.Women's private parts outnumbered penises two to one in the first episode.Dating Naked caused controversy when the first series aired in 2016.

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