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Back in the place where it all began — a little app inside your phone. Cosgrove got down on one knee and proposed.“I was embarrassed by how we met at first and didn’t tell people, but now I see it as my civic duty to let people know,” said Ms. Jason is, too.”“And we’re having a tinderbaby,” Mr. In 2015, Eric Schleicher posted a wedding photo of himself and his new wife, Caitlin, on Instagram with an attention-grabbing “Straight Outta Tinder” graphic stamped on the front. He’s one of hundreds who have posted to the hashtag. at a bar called Three Sheets for their first date; it was her idea.

But things have changed a bit since we first met here … Honowitz, who agreed to let Tinder post their love story on the “success stories” part of their website. “People are always surprised when I tell them how we met,” he said. Schleicher joined Tinder in the fall of 2013, shortly after moving to Dallas. “Looking back, the late time could have given him the wrong impression,” said Ms.

Tinder acknowledged that some users just want to hook up, but said that a vast majority were looking for meaningful connections Tinder users can swipe right if they think someone is attractive, or swipe left if they don’t.

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Honowitz, who now runs a company that prepares gift bags for award shows and celebrities.I suppose after saying some sweet stuff to a girl on Tinder, it would be time to ask her out. He wasn’t looking for a hookup (he says that’s not his thing). Schleicher, a labor and delivery nurse, “But he wasn’t in a rush that night, about anything.We just talked for hours.”“I think Tinder is what you make of it,” said Mr. Sure, there are people looking for casual sex, he said, but then there are people who really want to meet someone. He’d go out of his way to seem normal when he approached women on the app, knowing that many of them were hurled insulting pickup lines like, “Do you have any bikini shots?Shana Claudio left the bar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for her third Tinder date of the day.She had already met a finance type for brunch that Sunday in October 2013 through the dating app (he was a bit superficial), and she found the second guy, whom she met for a drink, forgettable. Claudio, who now works in corporate communications, was scheduled to go on a date at a nearby bar with a guy named Ken. Claudio was a “total knockout.”After three hours of conversation, Mr.

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