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Although I am really sorry they didn't televise THE KING AND I -- especially because they usually televise those shows at the end or after the end of the run, so it probably would have been Marin Mazzie as Anna, and she was great in the part. Kelly did return for the broadcast of that one, but not for LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA, so it's not certain she would have or could have returned for THE KING AND I. It seems to me that no one seems to know, or is willing to tell, either way. He's still handsome, of course, but age does get us all.

That doesn't mean Live from Lincoln Center will no longer televise shows like ACT ONE and THE NANCE and SOUTH PACIFIC. Kushner tries at least, but I don't think anyone else does because they know they wouldn't get produced. A great cast has been assembled here, including Daniel Sunjata, whom I did not recognize at all till I looked at the Playbill at intermission.I’d love to see him and Robbie in the next one, maybe in something like that incredibly natcissistic Batman and Robin routine that Chris Sieber did with his disposable bf.I've seen Charity several times and the weirdest thing is that I think it plays better in more intimate settings.It started in a tiny, tiny theater on the border of the West Village and Soho. Costume Designer Ann Roth has been nominated for 3 different productions this year: Carousel, 3 Tall Women and The Iceman Cometh. You'd think Nina Arianda would have been an easy choice for Witness for the Prosecution. So much better than the book, and I'm even a Poirot fan.[quote]I just watched the Stephanie Block concert. SJB is so ordinary she's like the textbook example for the people who complain on here about contemporary performers having no distinctive personality. Jennifer Tilly played the Marilyn Monroe part and Angela Lansbury played Birdie and she was dreadful.It's like your friend's suburban mom singing at a wedding. They all had scripts in their hands but Lansbury was acting as though it was the first time she'd laid eyes on the material.

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