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Vinnie Bell was a studio musician in New York who often was asked to create new and unique sounds.As a luthier, Vinnie built several innovative guitars including one tuned like a sitar.At Gear4music we also have a number of Danelectro hollow body electric guitars offering the warmth of an acoustic with the playability of an electric.Danelectro have been providing Guitarists with tone heaven since '47.The pickups consist of a high-output single-coil P90 at the neck position and a pair of iconic Dano lipstick tube pickups placed side-by-side in a humbucking configuration at the bridge position.Both pickups are also angled, with the neck P90’s bass polepieces angled closer to the bridge while the bridge lipstick humbucker is angled with the treble string portion closer the bridge.

When it comes to guitars with the perfect combination of cool styling, righteous tones and amazing value, Danelectro has been the guitar industry’s shining city on the hill since 1954.

(Danelectro also offers the ’59X without the Wilkinson tremolo for all you hardtail purists out there.)FEATURES Like the Danelectro guitars of yesteryear, the ’59XT features a Masonite top and back, and the body has hollow inner chambers.

Tonewood snobs may scoff, but in a blind listening test I doubt that most would notice and probably would prefer the Dano’s tone because it’s rich, thick, dynamic and musical.

THE BOTTOM LINE If you love the timeless classic looks of a vintage Danelectro guitar but need more versatile modern performance as well as the most aggressive tones known to mankind, the ’59XT is the ax for you.

Danelectro Guitars was founded in 1947 with the original goal of producing the highest quality electric guitars through innovative construction and materials.

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