D3 stuck at updating tools

Run your Diablo 3 setup as administrator and it should quickly go through Updating Setup Files and bring you to an install screen.Start the agent application manually and after that start Diablo III setup file in your Diablo-III-8370-en GB-Installer folder.After a reasonable hiatus from Blizzard games, I have decided to reinstall Diablo 3.I have tried every solution I could find, and I have been trying since Monday at am to install, and I still can't move past "updating setup files".Yesterday I updated the Diablo 3 Launcher, now I got a "Failed to update tools" tooltip that when you dismiss it, it closes the launcher, how do I fix this fault scenario?

I've been having problems with Wo W for 2 hours just trying to get it to update..that one checkbox was the issue. Of course I don't get to play until after I sleep now, but at least it's finally downloading! I was so confused and freakin' lost with this. Weirdly, I'm an Apple Technician for Apple Care, but I use Windows at home because I know how shit Macintosh OS's really are in the back end of stuff. I've been trying to figure this out for the past two days, I even checked that exact tab within the first hour to make sure I didn't have any proxies on. I have been trying to get WOL working on this machine.But now a few people have reported that even after disabling the upgrade notification message, their Windows 8 computer system was automatically upgraded to Windows 8. I believe that the WOL call attempted to start windows and while doing the restart something was written to the primary system that now keeps it from restarting.In here, type services.msc) and stop the Windows Update Service.But im rather lazy atm so cba looking it up for you!

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