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B&H only collects sales tax on orders shipped to addresses in the States of New York and New Jersey.

You may be responsible for state and local sales/use taxes when filing your tax returns. The lightweight, black Sony DSC-W800 Digital Camera is a compact point and shoot that features 20.1 megapixels inside the 1/2.3" Super HAD CCD sensor, and has a professional Sony 5x optical zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length of 26-130mm.

The W800 features an in-camera instruction guide allowing you to search the camera's functions according to your needs at the moment.

No need to carry a separate manual around, just go to the guide and find the answer you are looking for right in your camera. It's been a long time since I got a sub hundred dollar point and shoot.

However, the images can be touched up in post processing.

For example, below are 2 images shot at Dante's View in Death Valley, the first is a panorama straight out of the camera.

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Use it to capture wide landscapes, or go full circle with up to a 360˚ panorama for more creative images.

Bring ordinary landscapes and portraits to life, by heightening the mood and enhancing certain attributes with Picture Effects.

A variety of creative options include four modes for your still images, four modes for movies, and three more modes for applying towards your panoramic shots.

Thus, with some post processing resolution and image quality can be enhanced.

Nevertheless, this little camera is fun to use, for stuff like web posting, cat pics, and personal stuff. However, this is not a camera that I would depend on for travel or serious photography.

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