Cramfs updating ok

) and screwed something up with recording to local sdcard. I have a cam that refuses to mount sdcard after the update now as well.

Note this cam already had the fang_script installed. Well Mi Home says "SD Not found" so recording is out of the question.

It should load and show an empty page with 'CGI Output' in the title Insert the sdcard, wait a couple of seconds and try to access /cgi-bin/status page, it should load.

In my case , I've never load the hack before from my firmware is and i did exactly same your instruction but failed.

I'm reading similar reports on forums, some say it works, some say it doesn't. Did anyone already manage to obtain the firmware update files? Edit: Found out it still mounts the sdcard and runs snx_even though Mi Home doesn't see/use it. You can add ln -sf /media/$MDEV /tmp/www/SDPath to create the symlink that used to be created automatically.

It still doesn't list all sdcard contents but if you use hello.cgi?

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