Consolidating pneumonia right base

How do you know if the density is on the right or the left?

Just looking at this image it's not easy to tell.

There is increased lung density adjacent to the right heart border (arrowed).

Compare the lung density adjacent to the left heart border with that adjacent to the right heart border- they should be a similar density.

consolidating pneumonia right base-38consolidating pneumonia right base-64

This is likely to be airspace opacity (consolidation) within the right lower lobe.

They all look similar and clinical information will often help you decide the diagnosis.

If an area of lung is consolidated it becomes dense and white.

One of the unfortunate aspects of the term consolidation is that its meaning can be different depending on who is using the term.

When a clinician uses the term consolidation he/she is usually referring to a consolidation associated with acute pneumonia.

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