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Open Media Framework Interchange (OMFI) is a platform independent file format intended for transfer of digital media between different applications.

Nuendo can import and export OMF files (file extension “.omf”), allowing you to use Nuendo in conjunction with other audio and video applications.

You can also define handle lengths in milliseconds to include audio outside each event boundary for Even when selecting neither of the above two options, you can still enter a media destination path. You can create references to media destinations that don’t exist on the system you are currently working with, making it easy to prepare files for use in projects on another system or in an network environment.

The AES31 standard is an open file interchange format, developed by the Audio Engineering Society as a means of overcoming format incompatibility issues between different audio hardware and software.

It can be used for transferring projects via disk or network from one workstation to another, retaining time positions of events, fades, etc.

AES31 uses the widely used Microsoft FAT32 file system with Broadcast Wave as the default audio file format.

When exporting Open TL files on PC, do not change the DF or NDF frame notation after you have set the project start time.

Make sure that all audio files in the Pool have the same sample rate, bit depth, and that all are set to Broadcast Wave file type.

Open TL is a file exchange format originally developed for Tascam hard disk recording systems.

If you do not have any handles when consolidating audio files, you will not be able to adjust fades or edit points when the project is imported in another application.

• Select whether you want to include all audio data in the OMF file (“Export All to One File”) or use references only (“Export Media File References”).

It will not include unused audio files referenced in the Pool, or any MIDI data. • If the OMF file contains Video Event information, you are asked whether you want to create Markers at the start position of the Video Events.

This allows you to manually import the video files, using the Markers as position references.

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