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The green represents territories not yet committed either way. Frémont, the first presidential candidate of the Republican Party, and his running mate, William L. The Republican party had been formed in 1854 to counter the extension of slavery into the West.

The existence of a map sectionalizing the nation was indicative of the interregional antagonism coming into sharp focus. Prior to the Civil War, taxes on imported commodities were levied to raise money for governmental operations.

After decades of industrialization, the northern states became dependent upon an active federal government to oversee the construction of an effective transportation infrastructure, and to pass laws designed to look after their financial interests.

The agrarian South was much less interested in a strong influence emanating from Washington, D. and believed that the individual states largely owned the right to dictate public policy.

Factories and railroads were abundant and businesses desired to expand into recently acquired western territories.

Although the fair is run independently of the county, it is held on county property.Last year, she said, its display was impromptu and “we took offense to it and asked them to take it down.” One of the men told officials the flag was meant to honor his great-grandfather and was not meant to promote hate, Gibbs said.She thinks both men understood the broader implications and will respect the new policy that exhibitors must read and sign when they register for the event.In Philadelphia, the Kenney administration announced in November, also after months of protests, that the bronze statue of former Mayor Frank L. To some, Rizzo was seen as an oppressor of blacks while police commissioner in the 1960s and mayor in the 1970s.In New Jersey, Haddonfield received complaints about a historic Georgia flag with stars and bars that has been carried in the Fourth of July Parade by antiabortion activists.

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