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Study international harbors, port authorities, marine terminals, and major trade routes.Research merchant companies and steamship lines that shaped history.Although the concentration is on the last four hundred years, this topic contains descriptions of all types of voyages: circum-navigational, trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific, Indian Ocean, and polar.Accounts contain geographic, navigational, political, economic, cultural, scientific, and natural history information, as well as personal narratives and biographical data.The Special Collections area of The Mariners’ Museum Library collects manuscripts, maps and charts, and log books and journals on the history of humankind’s relationship to the sea and its tributaries.Discover the largest inlet in the Atlantic Coastal Plain of the eastern United States.

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The Library strives to make its collection equally accessible to students, researchers and lovers of history.The Mariners’ Museum Library was reopened to staff for partial access in June 2018.This allows researchers from all over the world to access the Museum’s Library and Archives through staff assistance.Museum Members get a discount on research services.The Museum is working toward a permanent solution for housing the vast collection where researchers can access the materials directly.

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