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“This Hitler parody in itself was tasteless,” said Foxman, “but Chelsea Handler’s references to it throughout the program and her connecting it with Germany’s World Cup victory took the joke way overboard.” The ADL had complained last week that after Germany won there were comments on Twitter and in social media about Hitler, along with Nazi jokes, that the group feels made light of a serious matter.

The ADL noted that the democratic government of Germany has rejected and denounced the country’s “horrific” past.

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She also found success in creating the mocumentary series —which was based on Handler memoir—premiered, featuring Laura Prepon as an exaggerated version of Handler.“While we try to give comedians leeway and do not believe that Nazi jokes should be completely off limits,” said Abraham Foxman, ADL national director and a Holocaust survivor, “this was an instance of taking a Hitler parody to the extreme.It was tasteless, offensive and hurtful, both to Holocaust survivors and their families and to members of the German team and all Germans.” Handler’s sidekick Chuy Bravo appeared on the show dressed in a Hitler costume.In 2007, Handler made her late-night debut with the talk show Comedian Chelsea Joy Handler was born on February 25, 1975, in Livingston, New Jersey.The youngest of six children, Handler felt that she sometimes got lost in the crowd growing up.

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