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"When people say to me there's too many Black and White stores in the city I say 'no', because I know if I don't put a shop there another cafe will and they'll be busy too.If we're going to have competition then it might as well be ourselves."I think Black and White has a big future largely because the current coffee franchises are out of date, very 90s."The 26-year-old says what makes Black and White unique is its mico-roasters.Meanwhile, in countries that we usually think of as more progressive, like Belgium and Switzerland, women are far more likely to go into fields like education, health, and the humanities.

READ MORE: * Bars opening in Chch this summer * Insects offered at food festival * Your food guide for summer in Christchurch By 2020 their goal is to have 20 locations throughout the South Island - they are recruiting franchisees in Queenstown, Timaru and Ashburton.The Italian restaurant is recreating ancient recipes at a one-off event Dine with the Romans, this Saturday night."The staff will be dressed up like the ancient Romans, they will speak Latin and the chef will cook special ancient recipes such as cold, spicy soup and grilled meat, all made the original way according to ancient documents," said co-owner Vladimiro Cesari. Nostalgia a foodie dream This year Christchurch's Nostalgia music festival turns five.Ireland and Belgium look most equitable on this front.The Norwegian law is fairly draconian: Companies must either comply or be shut down.

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