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Drake is really shook after that little bottle throwing skirmish with singer Chris Brown in a New York City nightclub earlier this year.It’s so easy to talk that talk until somebody gets hurt. Whores, like you, don't get to wear things like this! Quickly I lowered it and before she knew what was happening, and attached the other cuff to her left ankle.... I did not really wanna but you could see that, rested up, she was returning to the 'assertive bitch crap' mode. After having her sign model release for the video and a number of the stills, I began interviewing the drunken woman. Carefully I assured that I had all these things, were recorded in the documentary I was preparing. I grabbed the soft curly badge of femininity a decent woman usually treasures, twisted it and remarked, "This shit goes! While she was sniveling, I took the cuffs out of my back pocket, and captured her right hand. " he said as he cut off the flow of fluid into her vitals, but did not remove the plugging nozzle. you, just like that, and me scripting the questions and answers. As she tried to stand, I left the closed off nozzle in her closed off insuring no leaking till I"m was ready.As I had warned her, I removed my belt and advanced upon the frightened cowering woman. Um Look I Aaaauauauau" She started but I caught her left calf with my nice thick belt. Claudia was not really with it, but the pull of the unyielding chain against her soft secret flesh, made her cooperation mandatory. Then I took the 18 speed to the car park and retrieved my own convertible. The base of the 'horsie' is made of stout 2 x 4's and when its locked in the truck bed it is very secure ... You know they are really serious when they lookup from under their caked hair struggling to see through the sticky mess on their cheeks. After hosing her down again, in her still 'pliable state' I had her pose with no restraints with a few of the barn yard animals and myself. It had been a long day for her and myself, so I chained her naked out in the barn yard to 'rest' while I went in to my soo soft bed. She had never slept naked under the stars, and never would, voluntarily, but here ... ******************* The sun rising caused her cold hunched over naked flesh to finally warm up. She looked down and saw someone must of shaved her pubis. Curiously she reached down and opened her labia to find the source of a burning sensation. Her aching mind knew, The frigid cold water brought Claudia, the piggie, from her troubled half sleep to wide open eyed awake in microseconds.Finally I pulled up in the middle of the muddy field and stopped the car. Claudia thought but the firm chain pulling on her pussy lip lead her away from him. He took a whole memory cartridge of the demoralized woman being lead around by her cunt chain.Pausing on the hood of the car I finished my cigar. She was laying there, scared and in that fetal curve that they all adopt when scared out of their minds. Grabbing her hair I dragged her out of the cramped space and flung her into the mess of the two tire tracks. and I don't like to be kept waiting." She turned and tried to crawl away. This time her caught her firm round left ass cheek .. SMAKK She tried the crawl away frantically but I kicked her ass on and proceeded to tan her ass for her .. Next he took up his video camera for some action footage to be edited into her debut tape.

Rapper Drake was seen strolling in Calabassas flanked by his two bodyguards.

So as to not appear anxious I waited with my stogie gripped firmly in my gleaming teeth. Now she looked up and appeared to be soo scared seated there. "Bethany I need some shots of the piggie walking around nicely on her leash. " Bethany inquired with those innocent sparkling eyes enjoying every minute of her control over the naked woman.

If you are offended by non consensual sex, violence, S&M ... As she turn in to the lot and circle looking for me, I picked her out immediately. Without a word I opened the trunk and with another lip lock, I forced her back and then down into the confined space. Her total nudity compelled her to try to crotch down. Claudia's brain screamed though the pounding of the liquor induced hangover.

" Bethany inquired, delightedly drunk with her newly found mastery over the dirty naked chained fully grown woman .. I'll be good." Claudia swallowed her pride and surrendered herself to the exploring hands and fingers of the brazen little moppet. The soft warm foamy soap that aided the denuding of her pubs was just delightful in her exhausted aroused state. The pain in her crotch had been enough to break up the euphoria, but his clit stimulation, soon had her mind confusing the pain with her pleasure.

You are all muddy and I don't want ya messing up the inside, of the truck, besides, I know you'll love the nice horsie ride in the fresh air..." I retorted... Are you going to be a good little bitch or should I just twist this off? again.) He attached her joined hands over her head to the top of the table and spread her legs wide so her body took on a 'Y' shape on the table top, face up.

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