Carbon dating artifacts

The Hohle Fels caverns contain plentiful evidence of prolonged prehistoric human occupation and has been the site of numerous finds, including the Lion Man figure.

Many researchers believe that they served as fertility totems, but the truth of their meaning is still largely unknown.

Like most Venus figurines, it depicts a voluptuous women with exaggerated, pronounced breasts and buttocks, and a massive, protruding vulva.

Like many similar statuettes, this one had no head, but it has a carved ring above the left shoulder with worn surfaces that suggest it was worn as a necklace.

Cuthbert Gospel (also known as the Stonyhurst Gospel or the St. In 2012, the British Library in London paid an astounding million to the Jesuit community in Belgium that owned the book, after the most successful fund-raising campaign in that nation’s history. When Vikings began raiding the northeast coast of England, St.

Cuthbert’s monastic community left their place on the island of Lindisfarne and took the coffin with them, preserving the book once they settled in Durham.

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