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Tourist offices can tell you where the nearest Policia Federal office is. Some Fed stations don't take kindly to people in shorts.

In most cases an extension seems to be pretty automatic, but sometimes you may not be given the full 90 days.

Passport By law you must carry a passport with you at all times, but many travelers opt to carry a photocopy (preferably certified) when traveling about town and leave their pass­port securely locked up at their hotel.

It's convenient to have extra passport photos for any documents or visas you may need to acquire in Brazil.

The police may well require that you have a ticket out of the country and proof of sufficient funds, though this seems to be at the discretion of the officer.

You must apply before your entry/exit card or visa lapses, and don't leave it until the last minute.

‘Let’s meet again’ in Brazil isn’t always an indication that someone wants to see you again; as it can also mean ‘I’m going to sound polite as I’m leaving a party, goodbye!

’ When making plans with a Brazilian, a foreigner should also be aware that that the word ‘no’ is rarely used (I was sat in a bar in São Paulo waiting for my date to arrive, but I was becoming concerned as I’d already been waiting 15 minutes.

Check with the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your home country.

Tourist visas are issued by Brazilian dip­lomatic offices.

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