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We were able to save on time and money by allowing employees to update their information online, submit their time/time off requests and to view their pay stubs and tax information.

Prior to Ulti Pro, all that information was provided to HR by paper from all employees.

It also addressed the issue of saving paper and allowing employees to access pay stubs and tax forms at home along with submitting time off.

Ulti Pro offers a lot of training classes and a full library of questions and answers online for easy access to train yourself/team or get an answer to your question quickly.

The UTM solution for smaller companies could use additional work but Ulti Pro is planning to roll out a Time solution for 20 so hopefully, that addresses some of our concerns.

We have not yet achieved significant time savings as we just transitioned to Ulti Pro in July 2017 but I attended Ultimate Connections 2018 and do believe there are significant opportunities for us to get there with what I saw at the conference.

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It has allowed us to go electronic from paper, our employees have a much better HRIS experience, the solutions are easy to use and have cut down our time.The time savings piece made a huge difference in our department because we were spending a lot of time tracking different HR related items on spreadsheets, we were using a lot of paper and we weren't as efficient as a department.With Ulti Pro we were able to accomplish a lot of things that we couldn't when we didn't have this product.We started out in 2017 utilizing the payroll feature and have since rolled out self-service.Our plans are to turn on the ATS for recruiting and performance management in the near future.

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