Best dating site affiliate program

Your per lead deals with other providers will mainly be for males.Unless you own a social networking site or dating site it can be difficult to segment the traffic.We have designed a dating platform that is simply stunning to use a mobile device and our sales rates are excellent.At Pure Payout your affiliate manager will say, 'All your traffic is converting well, send everything you can to our program! Our dating sites convert sales for all gender types.

The large offer gets more attention but the program earns you less than a smaller CPA deal!

Hi All, From what I've been reading in different threads it appears that many use different CPA networks for dating offers.

Was wondering if anyone likes to use dating affiliate programs such as or any of the others like and I understand that some of the programs work on a rev share basis that as users renew their membership, as an affiliate you still get paid for the recurring membership fees.

I have try a lot of dating offers, some convert for first and second day and then drop down, some others have very bad C. Maybe they are not accepting more affiliates or what?

So what is the best and most stable dating affiliate network or offer that's pay consistently? Thanks Have dating traffic or pick up artist niche traffic and looking for a new product to promote?

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