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Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb and Luxottica: In 1999, the Italian group Luxottica bought Bausch & Lomb.Since then, Ray-Ban is no longer manufactured in the USA, but in Italy (except a few models that are made in China, such as Ray-Ban Jr)."RB" Lenses Mark (Left lens seen from behind)This is authentic laser engraving, so if you look in detail the outline is somewhat irregular. This should match the information recorded on the bridge and arms painted.In contrast, in the replies it seems soft and watermark-like. Label (should be sticked on left lens)Any model that has a label with the Ray-Ban logo on gray background, where it says "100% UV PROTECTION" are replicas. Let's try the name--Zico went to high school in Japan, where the girls would give each other nicknames by taking the first syllable of the person's name and combining it with a little, and Ji Ho becomes Zico. Zico is considered something of a bad boy in South Korea, although by American hip-hop standards, he's pretty tame.Or "Ziaco." Yeah, he says it that way sometimes--no one knows why. He has a large tattoo over his heart--of his mother.Our kids are not around, and some visit only on weekends. I talk with friends, but some elderly do meet people who become lovers." Some customers have little sympathy for those in search of love.They have complained that there is nowhere to sit because of the matchmaking groups.

Through meeting with seniors that were actually active in the music industry, watching them compose and produce, and learning from them, he was able to refine his own techniques and become better at making his style of music In 2010, Yong-guk was contacted by TS Entertainment to be part of a hip-hop idol group after the duo Untouchable recommended him. The track featured lyrics in English, Japanese, and Korean.

I guess as long as Zico doesn't end up using an unpronounceable symbol as his name, we can consider ourselves lucky. He composes and writes lyrics for and produces most of Block B's songs, and when he's not doing that, he composes and writes lyrics and produces music for other people. But he's not just a speed rapper--he's quite flexible and pays a lot of attention to the phrasing and timing of his raps so that they fit musically into the songs.

He probably wrote a song--a good, complex song--in the time it took you to read the above two paragraphs. He's highly energetic, and as a result people often praise his speed (especially because he is able to rap long and hard despite being asthmatic).

It appears on the top side of the bridge (not the bottom)There's no lens measure whatsoever.

B&L never manufacture these in Italy, but in the States Model No.

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