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American newspaper publisher Walter Wellman also purchased a sturdy - subsequently famous - lifeboat from an English firm in 1910 as he was preparing to attempt the first powered flight across the Atlantic in the America.

In addition to its basic role as a refuge for the crew should they be forced down at sea, the lifeboat doubled as a kitchen, pantry, dispensary, smoking lounge and radio position.

Soon, the Americas crew were communicating with the Trent by Morse code and then by radio.

After a hazardous operation, with the airship being blown along at speeds of up to 25 knots, the lifeboat was eventually lowered safely into the sea, complete with all crew, including the cat.

On the return journey the weather suddenly became hazy, and one of the pilots, Lieutenant Spurling, lost touch with the formation in the clouds.

The British pilot set his course due west, and flew on for some time.

Some also use it locally to meet someone for a long-term relationship.

Perfect for pilots and flight attendants from anywhere! Elodie — July 30, I came across and discovered a new type of niche in the dating world — Aviators — with Crew Dating and loved it.

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Realizing now that he was over an enemy aerodrome, he dived towards the first group of German squadrons, both he and his observer firing on every machine upon which they could get their guns to bear.

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In 1936, decades before Keith and his siblings were born, his father pioneered the radio direction finding system that was instrumental in commercial airlines flying into Bermuda and Keith's interest in Bermudiana began accordingly.

From there he was accepted by the Royal Flying Corps, later the Royal Air Force.

A formation of British machines had been carrying out some important operations well over the German lines.

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