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Windows 7 comes with a variety of security and system management tools.

There are tools for managing the local system, managing hardware and devices, and managing disks and file systems.

You should often need to patch security problems as soon as possible to fix whatever the problem is.

There is an easy way to keep your Windows PC update and running smoothly.

If your automatic update is not yet turned on, you'll be guided through the following steps to do so.

In the left pane, click Check for updates, and then wait while Windows looks for the latest updates for your computer. Windows will now automatically download and install any available updates That's all !!

If you don't use automatic updating, you should check for updates yourself at least once every week.

Windows Update automatically installs important updates as they become available.

When automatic update is turn on, Windows Update in Control Panel will open and show your update status.

In the Recovery window, you can open the System Restore wizard.

System Restore lets you restore system files and settings without losing your personal files and data.

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