Assortative mating online dating data analysis

Never mind exclusive apps like the League, which puts a premium on prestigious college degrees and high-income careers.Hinge, for example, is much more democratic—anyone can join.This may seem perfectly innocuous, but the fact is that this behavior, known as “assortative mating,” has reinforced the growth of income inequality in this country.In a labor market as polarized as the one we face today, wage increases have mostly accrued to college graduates.Employer hostility coupled with changes in labor law have hacked away at union strongholds.Blue-collar jobs, which once paid wages that allowed a single breadwinner to support a family, have been replaced by low-wage work in the service sector.While some may declare that these apps spell the death of romance, they are here to stay.

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Among this demographic, marriage rates have actually risen over the past few decades, while divorce rates have fallen.Today, 5 percent of Americans who are in committed relationships or marriages met online.I suspect this number will only climb as these apps grow in popularity.The result is that people couple up along socioeconomic lines.Case in point: of the three people I met up with from Tinder, each was white and had the social and economic capital to build enviable resumes and graduate from some of the most elite institutions in the country. Over the past fifty years, the likelihood that two people with a college diploma will marry each other has risen markedly.

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