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In north Georgia a spruce/pine boreal forest was replaced by northern hardwoods (oak, hickory, beech, birch, and elm), which in turn gave way to modern plant communities. The Middle Paleoindian features smaller fluted points, unfluted lanceolate points, and fluted or unfluted points with broad blades and constricted haft (handle) elements, such as the Simpson and possibly the Cumberland and Suwannee least in the earliest stages of tool life, and a concave base that is ground on the lateral and basal margins and occasionally well thinned.Southern Georgia had an oak-hickory hardwood canopy that may have been in place throughout much of the previous glacial cycle. Blade edges are frequently serrated and beveled, indicating extensive resharpening.These detailed pages will be a valuable tool in attracting new customers and building a sense of loyalty with existing customers.Business owners need every advantage to stand out from the crowd while operating in a competitive marketplace amid a slumping economy.Consumers face a host of options that requires them to do their homework and learn which business can offer them quality service or products suitable for their needs at affordable prices.Using ISHCC offers both parties the right solutions.

Registering as a member of our site is quick and easy.Global temperature was rising rapidly during the interval from 15,000 to 11,000 years ago, albeit with occasional sharp reverses, and the great continental ice sheets were retreating, causing the coastline to move rapidly inland. The Early Paleoindian is characterized by Clovis and related projectile point forms.During this interval massive extinctions of such animals as elephants, horses, camels, and other megafauna took place, and plant communities shifted location and composition in dramatic fashion. These forms have relatively large lanceolate (lance-shaped) points with nearly parallel sides, slightly concave bases, and single or multiple basal flake scars, or flutes, that rarely extend more than a third of the way up the body.In some parts of the country these peoples targeted elephants and other large game, but no evidence for this has yet been found in Georgia.Once local resources were exhausted or depressed, they relocated to a new area, possibly quite some distance away.

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