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At the age of 20-22 they are ready for family creation.

In the West you will hardly find a lady willing to tie the knot at such an early stage of life.

You need to realize that it is hard to make the marriage work between the representatives of two different generations.

Such marriages can work only on condition of great number of common interests and likings.Now they will not be able to see any of the photos you or anyone else post. Several members have suggested this and we agree it is beneficial to all you 'real' members as no problems with the chicas seeing posted pics can happen now. These videos are produced at You Tube to avoid mass compatibility issues that other players can have. We hope this small fee is understandable and all of you subscribe and continue to use the full site. See how the ladies outnumber the guys in all the videos. Dear Bella: I have heard Dominican women can put a hold on a man – a hold so powerful that he would tell his children he was willing to take a chance on her and lose them. She was having marital problems at the time and apparently he was unhappy.When he finally told her he wanted his family and could not see her anymore she went ballistic and called me to tell me about their relationship, claiming she had been pregnant and had a miscarriage, even though she was still married. Due to the type of work he does being in the military she was able to locate and continue to contact him.

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