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Well into 2015, Motiff is working on Chino y Nacho’s album ‘Radio Universo’ producing the first single called “Me Voy Enamorando” Ft. The song logged nearly 4,000 downloads sold its’ first week, according to Nielsen Music, enough for a No. The list of upcoming projects continues for Motiff as he keeps pushing the boundaries with his signature sound, catchy melodies and lyrics.) ( page=article§id=59&contentid=2010020620100206232202463a6d5f9e9§xslt=&pageno=1]; [417] Completed help requests Many music articles need to be made more clear to the lay reader (see: Wikipedia: Explain jargon and Wikipedia: Guide to writing better articles#Think of the reader).

These include music, interval (music), and scale (music).

Tom Stringham , (UTC) For over one year now, Rhythmic mode has required someone who knows something about music to take a looks at it.

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In1996, Motiff brought his talent to the United States, assimilating to the culture while integrating his unique sound and rhythms to the diversity of the Miami music scene.

In 2004, Motiff was given the opportunity to apply his gift and work closely with Jose Miguel Velazquez, a popular music producer and vocal coach to the stars.

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It makes some sense, but is very incomplete, and in some instances inaccurate.In 2013 he joined Pitbull's "Global Warming Tour" as part of the Artist's band 'The Agents’ while collaborating on Samo’s Album ‘Invevitable’ , Jbalvin’s freshman album ‘La Famila’ and his first single as an artist, "I'll Be Fine" released in spring of 2014 under Mr. 20 brought new challenges and opportunities as he produced “Que Suenen Los Tambores” for salsa singer Victor Manuelle.This was the only song to stay at #1 on the Billboard Tropical Chart for 9 consecutive weeks in 2014, Victors biggest hit since 2004.His father was the percussionist for the Venezuela based and internationally known big band "La Billo's Caracas Boys.” He began to integrate Motiff into the world of music and sound by taking him to recording sessions, rehearsals and shows.These close involvements led him to the acceptance into the Music Conservatory at the age of six where he later studied music theory and perfected performance of various instruments.

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