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A street called Blossomgate also exists in Ripon and has the same origin.

St Mary's Bar Convent near Micklegate Bar in Blossom Street was built in 1765 by Thomas Atkinson.

It was the home of York's Merchant Taylors' Guild, established by a Royal Charter of Incorporation from Charles II in 1662.

The charter merged the guilds of the drapers, hosiers and tailors.

St Mary's Church, formerly St Mary's Bishophill Junior has a western tower which is said to be the oldest piece of ecclesiastical architecture in York.

At the corner of the wall at the junction of Bootham and Marygate is St Mary's Tower.Please note - the term 'gate' used in York street names like Walmgate, Coppergate, Stonegate and Skeldergate, derives from the Viking word 'gata' meaning street.The term should not be confused with the word gate meaning a gateway.Bootham means 'at the booths' and probably refers to booths erected near Bootham Bar, which were used for a weekly market held by the monks of St Mary's Abbey.Bootham is a continuation of Petergate outside the city walls beyond Bootham Bar.

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