Advice and dating and depression

It can also have potentially damaging effects on romantic relationships.Depression is a mental illness that negatively impacts your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.Feeling depressed can increase the frequency and intensity of arguments, and relational damage may occur.If having a sexual component to your relationship is important to you and your partner, not having a sexual desire or facing vast changes in your sex life may cause hurt in your relationship.If life is already feeling overwhelming and heavy, you will naturally have less tolerance and may become more bothered or annoyed by small things.You may become overly critical of your partner, more likely to pick fights, and less willing to let things go.Your lack of interest may feel like rejection to your partner or a disconnect if you both are not satisfied sexually.A lack of interest or disconnect makes it difficult to be excited and hopeful about your relationship and where it is going.

From increased irritability and a negative perception of yourself and your relationship to strong urges to isolate, depression can affect your relationship in varying ways.But this only provides a temporary band-aid and can intensify depressive feelings.Alcohol and drug abuse can destroy a relationship by further impairing thinking and leading to other behavioral changes.Often activities that were previously fun may now seem pointless or dissatisfying.You may feel even more upset that your interests or time with your partner are no longer gratifying, creating further feelings of sadness and hopelessness.

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