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f,cjte ray app; rnrnum d000l or ss000 Urn cubecllo chjae cthour notru Revval Contnued from PAGE 4 machne, a game room wth a varety of vdeo games and board games, and a ktchenette wth snack machnes, a mcrowave ard a toaster oven Wllams also thnks the surge n membershp was due to the recent "lockn" at the mall, durng whch 85 teenagers slept over at Golf Mll "The lockn especally was a major drvng force behnd t," hesad The event was the frst of ts knd, and Assstant Vllage Manager Steve Vnezeano was on hand to make sure everythng went smoothly " was there the entre nght," he sad "t was a great tme and a great group of kds" Vnezeano sad Wllams had a lot of bg deas "Hes got so much gong on over there," he sad Steal Opp Olltlly D OSd a bundes how Ths bt 3 bath home s completely renovated wth at new sndows, ow plumbng wth flood ccebo rw taon gomma bches etc Enoy the newly added huge dsnyarny m adtaceat o the beaublul frjtchen luto 66x125 b s pmlectly ar,dscope ready w summen lun, hnshed bsml wth 2ml lochen and a lull bath Dgger than t leaks Heels Al Dotase 4 bedram 2 5 bath contemporary splt w/oshed subbasement D atlactod 2 5 car gar tramato long room D dong room wlcathedrat celng 4 Lange belwoes Apslnra Hewer maner D halt baths troua level famly none o/sudato totargayard Samppanp Newerwrsdows en 2nd D Newer lumaca ja,m Desd Bsuue "ts great to have t here at the mall Theres greater vsblty The kds can go around to the food court, or shoppng ts also a good place for parents to drop ther kds offwhen theyre shoppug especally mddleschool boys" Mark Wllams, drector of the tèen center "n the future we mght have to take a look at gettng them a bgger space" Wllams, meanwhle, s tryng hs best to serve all hs new teenagers "Ths month has just been kllng me," he sad "But m seeng a lot of support from the vllage?

bar Lot o landlocked n rear but c/lets a rdeehna2condet gar Morbos Aaodeh pnon WE SAY Grave vandals add threats to stors Sayng goodbye to a loved one s never easy For many famles, choosng the rght cemetery locaton, and selectng approprate wordng and just the rght headstone, are mportantparts of that fnal farewell And, just as famles pay for perpetualcare, knowng that at some tme there may not be survvors able to come to tend the gravestes, they also have some expectatoñ thatther loved ones wll have an unds!

turbed, serene place to rest n peace Not so ths yéar n some local cemeteres A Norrdge man was arrestedn January by Cook County Sherffs polce for defacng graves wth antsemtc vandalsm n Westlawn Cemetery, 7801 W Montrose Ave, just west of Norrdge n unncorporated Norwood Park Townshp 14e was dentfed as a Polsh natonal, and a member of a Neo Naz organzaton The sherffs polce stayed busy on the crme beat for the next sx months, trackng down thefts of bronze decoratons and plaques from cemeteres all over Cook County On Fíday they announced charges were beng fled aganst two men from Chcago and Bensenvlle and were pendng aganst a Glenvew man, already n prson, for vandalsm at nearly 1,500 gravestes at cemeteres from Memoral Park n Skoke to rvng Park and Mount Olve cemeteres on the Northwest Sde of Chcago, Westlawn n Norwood Park Townshp, Woodlawn n Forest Park, St Josephs and Elmwood n Rver Grove, all the way south to Evergreen Cemetery n Evergreen Park and Resurrecton Cemetery n Justce r The suspects n these, cases apparently were more nterested n pawnng ther thefts to getmoney for heron The "red brass," chosen for years for the bural plaques and decoratons because t lasts longer n the elements, apparently was expensve enough to tempt theves to steal t roncally what they netted n scrappng the expensve brass tems was a tny fracton of ther value Famles who dscover these knds of thefts should report them to the assocaton or offce that runs the cemetery mmedately There are no guarantees that dentfyng these ndvduals wll stop all the problems t s hard enough for famles and frends who return to cemeteres to vst loved ones graves, wthout dscoverng someone has been volatng the space But because vandals often sneak nto cemeteres durng regular vstng hours when the gates are open, Cook County Sherff Tom Dart s also warnng vstors to be sure to take extra precautons aganst a varety of crmes whch have been reported: Always vst the cemetery wth a companon Be ware of your surroundngs before leavng your vehele Secure your valuables Lock valuables ncludng r purses and money out of sght n the trunk, roll up car wndows and lock the doors u Take car keys and cell phone wth you f there s an emergency, dal 911 and call for help 1000 WORDS Whch summer s better?

PAUL SASSONE Summertme s for kds, stll And ths s where m supposed to start crabbng about kds today, dagnabt! ) Summer s dfferent now than t was then But summertme s stll a great tme to be a kd Today, though, t seems as f summer s what kds pass through on the way to one of ther many organzed actvtes They pass through fall and wnter and sprng n much the same way But back then, kds lved n summer We ddnt pass through t What we dd n the summer was summerbased We dd thngs n the summer we ddnt do at other seasons And we responded to our envronment dfferently than at any other tme of year We were aware of summer wth all our senses The ar was heavy and damp and smelled of the vacant lots n whch we played Vacant lot?

Thats a pece of land before some "We were aware of summer wth all our senses" thng s bult on t Vacant lots were full of nothng but nature: spders and rabbts and garter snakes and crckets and plants that were as tall as a kd that could be rpped from the ground and hurled lke spears Sometmes we sat, nvsble n the tall weeds and grass and lstened and looked and nhaled the smell of t all There would be pckup baseball games and the rdng of bkes and board games on thé back poteh At nght wed chase frefles whle grownups, outsde to capture whatever breeze there was, talked fr6nt porch to front porch Today s more organzed, less spontaneous For nstance, back then, wed hop on our bkes and rde to the zoo Today, a frend of mne has enrolled hs son n zoo camp fve full days at Brookfeld Zoo Whch way s better to do the zoo? They both sound great to me The truth oft s ts great to be a kd n any tme, n any season What would ba nce, though, would be for someone to come up wth a zoo camp for grownups because m too old to chase frefles wwwponeerlocalcom YOU SAY Teach local government Nles Townshp Dstrct 219 publc schools need a lo cal government day pro Currently, t s a state requrement for graduaton that our students pass a publc law test Yes, they learn about the US Consttuton and the State Consttuton However, what about local government?

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, OMS N Haomln, Fach Rdge, A otulfceceptwn mll beheld earler n the dey The Park Rdge Nbs School Dlatcct 04 Soacd oltedamaton plans tumor Srm Pleleherc apponcment ascs Jane OS meetng Teachers end parents essorsbotad lo the evulaa Oson procasa She replares Lyons Parmer, who baa baan apponted es daraecur of Early nber000eg Servcea/Rasponce tu ntermentan SS/Ral Gor Dstrct 64 Pleteher comas to Park Rdge frsm Northbroolo Schnol Dctnct 27, where cha moss pencpal of Shabsnee Ebemestary Schno L She led staff sesebopmrnt tors new readog/tcngosege arts carraca Thaecdaw Jaee Ob, oow5 3 ousemno wfllfj ssolo Wagner 11047f 6963Z00 crues nunacsensleru,lus000mo15515u1 Mau 00 ruanuamu Orn rr 5y Pns0000 smesso erc ras oral seal leus 0mo, sonm,nrcssaca OOs O so aras, eno seseos eucruse nuru ala rosa un l 600cc und suunl,usu sleaoa Osemeemssuaor,el,sn ml caleeuu lu amuu,,nuo ruoleuaro, so taaaooas,aunsoa lu anm nnrunuueo,aulur, cou P,ss001 eseapsonra c nao coal suso ame, csuaou soso, Ohr vctm The man, an AAcose Scan employee, suffered barns to hs face and hundo from u base boo chat "exploded" near the north end of the buldng os Cudwell Avawuue, accordng to a polce report The ncdent s beng farthoronestgatad, the report stated, Polce apoheoman Sty Tom Davs sed he hed no neon nformealos Monday aod AAm erces ownec John Capaban cwald not bereaclued for o010meol By lacy Berdoea 1am und also Oveped drcct roploancolalon of bas datdcbo 1415/Rol efoc n eddton, Do Pletclaccuapercsed She school 1mprwnemrn O plan procena 50 Shehdosca, and developed a transton for ls stodenc oudour edscetoo cwpesencewt000eonne000 and progaummng Precosaly, slo Oves ancstuol to sse pohscpat and u lenguege arts resource teacher at Bcentwnod Ehementas) School n Des Plumes School Dstrct 09, oshera she also sarced as sommer school prncpal Earber ho bar careac she w ese Seat grede teacher mod prvate toton Fletcher rerased her doctnmte from Layas Unversty ho admnstraton and aupervsos She rauheved her boehelors degree Sn elemantary educaton from Southern 1111 wss Unvarstp, and her masters from Concorda Joneesty naurrculoms ass ontracctow, tasas oasurlr amn sen 4 Tburndny, june 26, 2008 A b onaorpv000 Pablnatan A Poneer Press Pvbleaaon Thursday, Jane 00,2000 S Moveo malcredted wth teen ceñter revval NDEX [sc OASS/FOR PONEER WESO (Left to rght) Andrew 000hewefll, N, tetthnw Slsnend, l, Andrew Gme No, 12, e) Krone, B Soreefne Throloel, 13 oled Sew Gelny enjoyo rrslunlng gewe et foenloot o) the fent Nght n tse Halt Leolsn denn 15 sad "Thereb greater ont drap thab bds aff when that features a computer blco The bds ran go theyae shoppng aspenrosnd to the food mart, nolly mddtesnhool bays" screen TV and koranlsn lab; a buega wth obg or shoppng tb nno o The new fontty basa goad plane for parente to 1,022 sqoore feat of npane Serna, PAGE 8 Fenre Bll Veto: Satng GO14, hn tenete jored the Haase r saerrlng Presdent Bashs orto ato 1229 bllon taros tll lntrennes sabsdjes lar grocers nl mejor crops Whle ase fundag rat Ned vegetable growers art reqarrg 550etryoorgn ont ebetag,a yes noe ose la cecal HE61Z4 Sen RBb On) Garbno Tes; Sen Bereok Theme: Nsf votng Blles Ten Border terotcos tallos 5244,10 rest 60001es seeded to nod SOP blsvkogn ola bll proodr 185,6 blles over 10 veers o ballenas, advoetsr prraanel and energy loe breaks Eyes son nverse abl 111(00491 ellenatrg St?

huleo ta 000slspng el0000lae tuns Sen Bsbord Dburbn; Yen; Sen Geness Oborseer Not votng Mertgoge F0000lesures; Senators retasad, 2169,20 tlla prrpnsol tsr lnoderstn retrasse abolt margages r return for Federsl Hcasng Adrsrslraton tankng s 12e 00000ked loans hr sale kept the proposal ls larger oartgegnreet bll Oyes vole seele remove te proposal ron COl S Son R101rord Burble; No; Son Ounosk escroc; Ret votng L 200M Sposa Be Ngel; Orearon ep000end 409S, a1202 bllna flelcra Arroosutss sed Spove Adesstretos budget nr tsool 2009 Ayee aste basked a badget totan protests sash as the lolercotojoel pameltalne, anne caanndepann nodale ant Mere eeplarehno 16(00001 Fr4004 Workers Lenco; Menberu voted VO146,10 eutablsh e rea becch tor federal merk ers ve der hn 1993 Famly art Mednal Leave Ast Ayas 061e 001 to possa bll HROlll grarlng slot servants tour weeks 01 leave wlh psy tnboarrg the brth, adopton nr tsstersp ole chld Fareso Bll Veteo Members overole, , Preetnrl [alb asta ate 1209 bllon, asyean tern bl theo remees sutsdnu tor ms/sr nrops 501f as colno, care and eheal molla laudng Oalrhoa sou cnnseraelon programs as nell as rvrsl d000lopomert OAse vote oas to most HR6124 nets l a federal Arose to mpar, eaport, buy sal sor alter Ways trade osrhumas prmslrs such as ales ond nonkeyn, Ayos 001e aus o pass a bll vodlyng praslors elready lbeled by odera regvlotono sod Ap v 00 stars T lbar Ouu, Elst u; r: ru: b; 96 HO NO J ej ekusnur,llo 0 0v, O ",, 55,0 eu o lopeak020d 91 ru te tsyu tu s Lu; vor: mulet Ou t rs t en y u Os Onte na E 1h Ou tu O ve Os 0 Ou Forsook osto Ys ko No us as You t E noytase Orl 95 Ou On rs 0e s el M res R o LO Os O ku_n t s 9 A, J uhokse 019th 6 t Vu tee Bo 0 Os M t, 1mb ru He Ne rs 0es ru os J,rrrojryl rs 9 s As Os O MO,r verrous tll neu os rs Os lau ld,,l;u F1 050 es 95 nu o,,,, or,0100ralo rs ru t 05 5e nalornhraso Rlo O t O Onu 0E rs Os tally use lulls Alt 00v un s N Os u F1,11 Aal 11th nl ne Os O ko rs el 091 ud015k s 0e Os tuo 0es s us nl s snn9t 05 Nc ta Na Ye rus 3 RAlbe Woe Fsodmnf Menberu appraved, , en oneodment o epprnprate bllon to poy the oesl at Worn raq and Alghenutor Nal nto 2009 hr spendng could be adlel lathe satorel debtayes aale Was n leed te leylsetos o Ohu lonely Jobl005 Cheobs, flow G Blk Mennos adopted, 416N, on arnnndaent to 9(2662 establshng s eno Al bll to p09 scerons oclego edsoetan, praadoq 13 5/8610mal weeks 0fbb 555 nheole tor le 10051cm arroployad and tords5 Mdwest lead rebels yen vote sppertedlhe ensodmort 7,11,5 Spy Poweeco Members colad, ,10 reses too yole/fo slellgence torvall500e Ast tlroagh 2012 aol yva onndlcoal loomunly lalalscnns encased 01 adng llegal spyng otter 9/ vate backed r bll h01 Wcald espend Ut poee la debe tare/fonos sllhaul speoltn carrada, Fonunone desoelotor oltte tesare, ero oben Beb pele un nnrvooseas500uv0000 end rot noon Oeweeeen noper, 0010k 00 Nene und ese) se P0000e escos, Aver By TONY 000TOCA tbrrluae pnennrloaelaom ts been nery a year snne the Nbs Teen Center moved to ls near dgs at the Golf Mll Shoppng Center, and thngs have aovar been baser "Wave set renard numbers," nad Marb Wllams, drantar of the teen rentee "We had 84 famlen ogo ap ths month" Wllams, who tana the helm atbe nenter last year, spent a lot nf tmo vntng NOes onhools to pramne the fanlty Bst he partly credts the renterb new success wth moongts Golf Mll from ts former hume ata Nues Pech Dstrct fanlty on Howard Street "ts great to habe t here a the mall," Wdlawn CLASSFED 000ERSk A C0009MORD Cl 02f UVER9AMO 01 2 A/ERSONS CALEMS9R FLM CLPS 69 Fl ER 11 FADA F M NLES HERALDSPECTATOR PHONE VAX EMAL WEB SUBSCRPTONS CLASSFED ADS DSPLAY ADS WLLRS M/At LEAAERS/ MA/lt REUEM AT000ES PEER FOUL S/Sl ME POLCE BLOTTER RAL CULE HAMTME SF0911 Sghts and Sounds For erharoed noaerage Al ponple and plasmo n 0051 ccnnvnth, check cul F/ABB Press vdess Ob wwwpoweerococom fslkodoroporyelacgcom OWW,p AOe Wrl OCa Laa Y A3AU /0471 9A834AA (Nfl / k Rles Horsdpen0510l 1301, Pl Ospeot, Park Rdge, L tooneolno 000NMSOD EDTOR esspom ato nosnos STows eepre5msam00e Novs BO Ob Oe S aveecelfon ervs Bet rar loa?

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