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It’s no secret that nearly 50% of all marriages in developed nations end in divorce.Sometimes the best of intentions simply don’t workout.

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However, if you actively work on the communication skills required to steer life’s challenges, you have a successful life long relationship.

It's a tremendous highwire act for a city that has teetered on the edge for years, buffeted by perverse politics, insurance-crimping travel advisories, conference cancellations, and highwayman taxi drivers.

The August 2015 attack on the Erawan Brahma statue – which escaped almost entirely unscathed – was put down as a miracle and further evidence of its protective powers.

The “hot-button issues” of infill development and LRT expansion raised interest but little passion as five candidates faced voters at Wednesday’s Ward 10 election forum. However, there were differences of focus when one man asked how the candidates would deal with plans to build housing on surplus school sites.“Green spaces are so important …

Former restaurateur Vieri Berretti, University of Alberta administrator Samantha Hees, U of A human resources and budget co-ordinator Sim Senol, incumbent Michael Walters and community volunteer Glenda Williams often had similar positions on issues raised by the crowd of roughly 200 people at L. I don’t think we should take away school sites if there are other places that would be good,” Hees said, suggesting old commercial sites or parking lots should be used instead.

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