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) out of their bums and the PATIENTS ARE THE ONES PAYING FOR IT. I use to get Watson, but I cannot find them anymore. I also have severe RA, fibromyalgia, and essential thrombocytopenia... does anyone know a patch that is identical to sandoz that’s a generic so my insurance will pay for them... I was then prescribed brand only, Duragesic, but that too is now a matrix form just as the alvogen.

Fentanyl withdrawals are the worst, I wonder if anyone in the insurance sector has any experience with them? The Actavis patches are what I use now and they are very simular to the Watson patches with the jell in them, and they work almost as well as the Actavis patches. I had gotten mylan back 10 years ago and found that to be a matrix back then. I'm a little worried as Teva has swallowed up many pharmaceutical company's and there generics are not of very good quality.

Sorry I couldn't help totaly on the fentanyl,but you did say any help,so I figured I'd give you my experiance with mylan. I had the same experience with Diazepam from Mylan.

Supposedly it doesn't have a cell with all the fentanyl liquid in it, instead its just a solid patch with adhesive and the fentanyl is in the adhesive.

Many of them have this protocol where your doctor can request the specific brand at formulary price if the others are not as effective for you. I use these band aids (Band Aid Tough Strips durable protection, super stretch /sticky and stays on longer, heavy duty fabric) that are a cloth material and they are water proof I usually sweat my Mylan brand fentanyl patches off also. I also wanted to add that, I am able to shower with this band aid on and they will still stick, I don’t know where you live but I find them at Safeway.

I had gotten mylan back 10 years ago and found that to be a matrix back then. Heather I've been using fentanyl patches for several years.the brand name Duragesic Patch by Janssen... When Mylan came on the market, it had a completely different delivery medium.

I heard that the MYLAN brand is the best do to the size and adhesive properties. I've been on Duragesic only but I'm also prescribed valum,& there(mylan) diazapam is junk,but I'm also prescribed temazapam & mylan is the best I've found. I was on it for a few months and it did absolutely nothing at all.

I also heard that the SANDOZ brand is exactly the same as the brand name Duragesic. I have heard some pretty good thing about the Mylan brand Fentanyl patch though.

I don't know if it has changed Does anyone know? The sticky side of the patch is opaque and the fentanyl is not clearly seen. I did better on the gel delivery, but the insurance co decides what I get.

I do not know when they changed the formula to matrix for the Duragesic Brand, but it is not the same as the the watson/ activist fentanyl gel patch. Publix, CVS, and Walmart all don't carry the gel patches any more. If knowledge of who carries them please let me know. Also, if your having problems with either kind of patch not sticking, call the customer service phone # listed on the box or the inserts and they will send, free of charge, adhesive overlays to keep the patch in place.

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