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Use a massage toy to loosen up various stiff muscles. By concentrating on the full-body pleasures of solo sex, you may be better equipped to manage certain sexual complications and anxieties, such as genital pain or erection issues, too.

Tapping into this latent pleasure throughout your body is guaranteed to enhance your sexual experience.

Light some wonderfully-scented candles, wear a silk robe, or massage yourself with a soothing oil.

By treating your body kindly and taking the time to engage in foreplay on your own, you’ll be more likely to experience a deeper sense of sexual release.

In many cases, just getting started may be enough to eliminate the mental, physical, and emotional roadblocks that seem to be standing in your way.

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Men who masturbate regularly in their 50s may even be able to reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer! Pick a Time and Get to It So long as you don’t have any house guests, the best time to masturbate is whenever the urge strikes you!If, on the contrary, you rarely feel aroused, consider scheduling some time for solo sex once or twice a week.Even if you think you’re not in the right mindset to masturbate, give it a try.Can’t Await There have been countless songs written about beauties named Valerie.It’s a damn shame nobody has written one about this Valerie in particular coz she is totally worth one.

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