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Birthed from the basement of 15-year-old Christopher Poole, who is now an employee at Google as of 2016, 4Chan quickly developed a distinct identity that was radically different from other internet forums from its time.

This characterises its links to the alt-right movement, which rejects mainstream conservatism as well as immigration, multiculturalism and political correctness.

Time and time again, the 4Chan community has proven itself capable of solving difficult cases with little more than several seconds of video footage.

4chan, a website that began as a memetic internet forum, has developed into a mature medium that is bent on protecting free speech and destroying the progressive left.

That’s why my colleagues and I decided to study /pol/ – analysing 8m posts posted since June 20, 2016 – in an attempt to measure some of the impact it’s having on the rest of the internet.

4chan is an imageboard site, built around a typical bulletin-board model where users post images related to each board’s specific theme and other users can reply with comments or more images.

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