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It is an adjustment being alone thats for sure, and wearing a wedding ring is pretty off putting along with having to tell somebody you just met that your wife is dead; Usually it eliminates any possible interest they had in me. I imagine it'll be the same in any city where there are a large number of "young professionals".Most tend to be in some sort of medial field, because of having Johns Hopkins and UMD Medicine right in the city.Well luckily I don't have to play the dating game at the moment, but I didn't say I don't go to bars. Places where there are cover charges, lines to get in, you have to shout over the music to talk to someone. Within walking distance from my place alone there are half a dozen casual "cafe" type places that serve coffee and booze, two of which have board games for customers to play. Beyond just randomly going out and hoping to meet people, there are things like Meet Up and even online dating. To be honest most women in my age group are like you described earlier.I'm part of 3 separate "Young Professionals" types groups, and each of them is just packed with attractive single women.interesting. It sounds like women in their 30s are more my type, considering I have a excellent job, I know what I want and where I am going.Ahhh there is hope for an independent man in his mid-twenties. I'm 29 so not quite out of my 20s yet, but I find that I look for different things in women lately.I've dated upwards and found that the woman either wants kids soon, or may already have one. Been dating younger women to avoid the baby-needs, but slowly finding that none of them have any idea what they want out of life (generally). Women that I date are old enough to have established a track record as an adult, as their own person, totally separate from anything having to do with their parents. Single women in their 30s, especially those who are single intentionally, tend to be much more intelligent and independent.When I was in my 20s it seemed like 80% of the women I dated were just looking for someone to leech off of. But that was probably a side effect of where I was hanging out back then.

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