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They (or their parents) thought they were protected and now they are gone. This may be happening with the flu viruses in part as a result of the increase in vaccination of children and young adults.The CDC has stated that this year’s flu shot is less effective than most yearly flu shots because the virus has mutated. In the not-so-distant past, deaths from flu were nearly unheard of in children and young adults.

That was during the time (prior to 2004-2009) when basically the only people who were pressured to get yearly flu shots were people over the age of 65. Why is the CDC pushing this year’s flu shot when it is ineffective against this year’s strain of flu?I haven’t seen ANY proof of those statements and they really just don’t make sense.A vaccine for one virus works against different viruses?When we are seeking unbiased advice about decisions that carry life and death consequences, maybe we shouldn’t be asking for it from those who have a financial stake in the outcome of our decisions.In their push to get every man, woman and child to get this year’s flu shot, the CDC and the mainstream media reports have repeatedly stated that everyone should still get it, even though it is “less effective” than usual, because getting the flu shot will provide some sort of “cross-over protection” and may make flu symptoms less severe.

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