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His pimp ride was a red Chevrolet Camaro G3 that transformed into a gull-winged fighter plane.His son Scott and his friend/pet robot T-Bob provided some comic relief.Watching the series as an adult, one can't help but sympathize a little bit with the Smurf-hating Gargamel -- the constantly upbeat and overly saccharine attitudes of most of the Smurfs, mixed with whininess and an extreme overuse of the word "smurf" by everyone, makes you start to root for the poor, bumbling wizard who just wants to make some nice Smurf stew.half-hour adventures are seen by many fans as the lost fourth year of Captain Kirk and crew's legendary five-year mission.The two seasons produced so far have been released on DVD, uncensored and complete with two previously unaired episodes from season two, which were highly critical of BET (which makes for some amusing episode commentaries by Mc Gruder and the cast).

But the world of animation did offer the writers the chance to portray things they could never do on a live-action budget at the time -- from three-armed crew members to new and exciting alien worlds. The main characters are the Elric brothers, Ed and Al.Don't ask us, for if there's one thing that the IGN editors can claim to be, it's kids trapped in the bodies of adults.And so it goes without saying that we sure do love us some cartoons.And since Scott was always upgrading his expensive buddy, he provided plenty of validation for the little boys who would grow up to be today's tech geeks and robot nerds.But one of the more notable aspects of the show was the fact that it showed a single dad taking care of his only son while fighting the forces of evil.

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