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They start simple (paper, cotton) and become more luxurious (diamond), symbolizing the growth of a marriage. Paper conjures images of love letters, a marriage license, or a scrapbook of memories.On an even deeper level, paper symbolizes the blank page, and writing your “story” together as a couple.Order room service and take turns rubbing each other’s sore muscles.Sometimes when you’ve got kids, kids, and more kids, getting dressed up means putting on the t-shirt with the least stains. I’m talking that little black dress and his best sports coat. Go somewhere you feel fancy, like the ballet or an art show.

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There’s nothing more romantic than a beach at sunset.

If you’ve been married awhile like I have, the memories of your first date are starting to fade.

For a fun and meaningful anniversary date, recreate your entire first date—at the original locations if possible.

I have good news though, and it may be easier than you were expecting. Marriages evolve, families grow, careers change, but the one thing that holds constant are the unique rituals and traditions you follow as a couple. Research has proven that rituals and traditions can further enhance the bonds of marriage, create intimacy, and make people “feel happier, better loved, and more strongly a part of families.” So, what is a life-long tradition you can start on your first wedding anniversary?

When brainstorming first anniversary date ideas, there is only one simple principle to follow: that will last a lifetime. Rituals are the little things you share together that make your marriage special and personal. For generations, each year of marriage has had a traditional material associated with it.

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